Presentation on Kenya on Zoom Fri. May 22, noon


Below are the biographies of each speaker, followed by the information from the flyer in a format you can put into your calendar.

Joshua Amimo Ph.D.:   I am a lecturer at the University of Nairobi (UoN) Kenya in the department of Animal Production Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to my appointment at the UoN I was research technologist on Biotechnology department at International Livestock research Institute (ILRI). I hold PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding (2014), a Master of Science in Animal Breeding and Genetics (2007) and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (2001) from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi (UoN) Kenya. At doctoral level I studied Molecular Epidemiology and Genetics of swine enteric viruses in a sandwich program between Ohio State University (OSU) and UoN.

My interest is in global one health research, particularly understanding the epidemiology of viral infectious disease pathogens at the human-animal interface to determine their genetic diversity in order to develop accurate diagnostic tools and to implement appropriate control strategies, including vaccine development for specific viral diseases of economic importance in Africa. Through my years of research experience in areas of viral infectious diseases, I have grown increasingly interest in a wide variety of research areas, but particularly in virology, vaccines, animal models and epidemiology.


Purity Mumbi
-April 2020- to date: Tel Aviv University
PhD student, Shaul Yalovsky lab. School of Plant Sciences and Food Security Plant.
-Feb 2018- March 2020: Tel Aviv University
Master of Science Degree
Track: Plant Biology with Emphasis in Food Safety and Security
Master Thesis: Inactivation of ROP9 GTPase upregulates NADPH oxidase- dependent ROS formation in guard cells increasing water use efficiency in tomato
-May 2011-April 2015: Meru University of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Science Crop Protection (First Class Honor).
Honors thesis: Organic Control of aphids and white flies using pepper, neem and garlic extracts


Dr. John Ngunjiri is a Research Scientist with more than 14 years’ experience in virology. He has worked with different teams of coworkers on several animal and human viruses, anti-viral vaccines and poultry microbiome; these are subjects of great importance to the public health and national food security. His work broadly aims at understanding the roles played by viral subpopulations in pathogenesis of RNA viruses in food animals. Dr. Ngunjiri’s work also aims at harnessing the knowledge gained from viral subpopulation characterization to develop efficacious live vaccine candidates in addition to tailoring species-specific live vaccines. Despite the vast research and vaccination against several viral diseases, poultry farms have continued to encounter outbreaks of the same viruses or novel viral variants with enhanced virulence. The ability of poultry to overcome infections or respond to vaccination is partly influenced by the non-viral commensal microbiota in the respiratory and digestive tracts. Dr. Ngunjiri and coworkers are using holistic approaches to study transkingdom influence of non-viral microbes on viral disease pathogenesis and response to antiviral vaccines.  


Denis Nyamu, recently defended his master’s in Entomology at OSU Wooster. 
BS, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
Research Areas: Integrated management of the tomato pinworm (Tuta absoluta)
Survey of methods used by Kenyan farmers in the management of Tomato pinworm
Monitoring and detection of insecticide resistance development in populations of Tuta absoluta.


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Magical Kenya:  A tourist destination for your to do list
May 22 , 2020:  FRIDAY 12 NOON-1 P.M. 
Presentation starts at 12:05 pm
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event will be via Zoom exclusively
(unfortunately no lunch provided)

Steam live at:
-Joshua Amimo, Ph.D. postdoctoral researcher in the Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP) at OSU Wooster
-Purity Mumbi PhD student, School of Plant Sciences and Food Security Plant, Tel Aviv University
-John Ngunjiri, Ph.D. research scientist in the Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP) at OSU Wooster
-Denis Nyamu recently defended his Master’s in Entomology at OSU Wooster
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A talk in the series Cultural Connections:  “Where Culture  Meets Agriculture”

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