Information Session: Fulbright Scholar Program - 2019-2020 Award Opportunities in Agriculture


An overview of global opportunities for scholars and professionals in the field of agriculture and environmental sciences. Awards exist for teaching, conducting research or a combination of both. The presentation will touch on both a general program overview as well as specific award highlights (Flex, Post-Doc, Professional awards) for the 2019-2020 Core U.S. Scholar competition. Panelists will share experiences, program impact and offer tips for successful grant application preparation.

  • Joseph Campbell, Lecturer, School of Environment and Natural Resources (Fulbright Core Award to Tanzania)
  • Rafiq Islam, Program Director, Soil, Water and Bioenergy (Fulbright Core Award to Turkey)
  • Macdonald Wick, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences (Fulbright Core Award to Macedonia)
  • Margo Lipps, Fulbright Scholar Program Campus Liaison, Office of International Affairs

Livestreamed to 200 Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Building in Wooster, Ohio

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