Global Gateways

Building on Ohio State's International Connections

Ohio State is committed to becoming a preeminent global university – we strive to build a foundation that will integrate international dimensions with every facet of the institution, to pursue international partnerships and to collaborate on the solution of local and global issues based on Ohio State's expertise. To solidify Ohio State's commitment to enhancing its global interactions, the university opened offices – Global Gateways – in key countries of the world: Shanghai, China (February 2010), Mumbai, India (2012) and São Paulo, Brazil (September 2014). The locations for the Gateways capitalize on the strengths of Ohio State's connections across the globe and provide the university with a myriad of opportunities, including operational support for faculty research/teaching and international partnerships, a portal for education abroad, a location for international student recruitment, a center for academic programming as well as executive and corporate training, a location for alumni gatherings and a new way to partner with Ohio-based companies operating in global markets.

China Gateway

Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) has a long history of engagement with China dating back to 1989, when CFAES initiated its first education abroad program with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). The China Gateway was established in 2010 with support from the U.S. Department of State. The China Gateway, located in Shanghai, builds upon Ohio State's long-standing partnerships and strategic engagement with China. The Gateway serves as a mini embassy for Ohio State to foster connections and facilitate opportunities for students, researchers, alumni and partner.

India Gateway

Ohio State has been collaborating with universities and corporations in India since 1958, focusing on advancements in educational training and agricultural research. By 1962, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) enlisted the help of the Office of International Programs in Agriculture (IPA) to assist in the creation of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). Ever since this initial collaboration, Ohio State’s footprint has progressively expanded to include collaboration on a much larger scale, including those areas outside of agriculture. Building upon these established collaborations, Ohio State opened its India Gateway in March of 2012 to better serve the university and its partners both in Ohio and in India.

Brazil Gateway

Brazil gatewayThe Brazil Gateway builds upon Ohio State's more than 50 years of partnership and strategic engagement with Brazil, beginning with its collaboration with the University of São Paulo (USP). USAID contracted with IPA for an institutional development project in Brazil, initially with the College of Agriculture (ESALQ) of the University of São Paulo. It focuses on four key areas: students, research, alumni and partnerships. The Brazil Gateway serves as a mini embassy for Ohio State to foster connections and facilitate opportunities for students, researchers, alumni and partners.