ACEL, AEDE Faculty Assess, Evaluate Navajo Nation’s Water Security

March 15, 2021
Dr. Rodriguez with women in Tanzania (more info below); Dr. Bevis in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Navajo Nation’s water crisis and food security issues in arid regions of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah has become more critical in times of COVID-19.  OSU’s Global Water Institute (GWI), in partnership with The Navajo Nation and others, will start by upgrading boreholes that use sustainable solar-power pumps, drilling new wells and improving agricultural training. 

Simultaneously, CFAES’s Dr. Mary Rodriguez, assistant professor in Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership will lead a comprehensive community needs assessment.  She is one of the panelists “Water is a Human Right, Right?” for GWI’s observation of World Water Day on March 22.  Dr. Leah Bevis, assistant professor in Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, will lead evaluation of the project’s impact.  International Programs in Agriculture works closely with GWI Executive Director Dr. Tom Darrah

More information at Ohio State News

More information on the photograph of Dr. Mary Rodriguez:  Dr. Rodriguez with women in Tanzania, where she investigated the agricultural needs of this community and the possibility of using information and communications technology (ICT) to address those needs. These dynamic women provided support to her previous research and are pictured chatting with Mary after visiting new water points in the community.  

Jason Owens