CFAES Partnership Brings 4-H to Honduras

Feb. 15, 2021
Zamorano students partner with K-12 schools in Honduras to teach agriculture

Students all over the world are adapting to new and different modes of learning due to the current pandemic, and K-12 students in Honduras are no different.

Thanks to a partnership between 4-H programs at Ohio State, the University of Georgia and Zamorano University in Honduras, 4-H clubs are being established at schools in Honduras.

The two land grant universities worked with staff at Zamorano to create an educational curriculum Honduran students could use while learning at home. A group of first year students at Zamorano compiled 180 seed kits that were distributed to six different schools as part of a pilot program to keep students engaged through self-guided and hands-on activities.

In Honduras, 4-H is known as “Clubes 4-S.” The head, heart, hands and health of 4-H were not literally (and not alliteratively) translated as mente, corazón, manos and salud, but rather as 4-S: saber, sentimientos, servicio y salud (knowledge, feelings, service and health).

Zamorano University maintains a special relationship with Ohio State. CFAES retains an active memorandum of understanding between the institutions and has received many Zamorano students over the years. During the 2020 spring semester, as part of a program to support Zamorano’s internship requirement, five Zamorano students visited Ohio State and worked on several CFAES departments.

 Zamorano University is the alma mater of IPA Director Dr. Luis Cañas, who is also the past president of its alumni association.

The map above shows, in green, the over 50 countries where 4-H has been exported to seven million youth.