OSU Wooster Grad Students, Visiting Scholars lead Honduras Hurricane Relief Drive

Nov. 24, 2020
OSU Wooster students and scholars load supplies bound for Honduras

With Hurricanes Eta and Iota having hit Honduras fewer than two weeks apart and flooding to this day, two members of the Entomology Department at OSU Wooster, graduate student Ana Trabanino Pino and visiting scholar Erick Martinez Rodriguez put out a call for donations.  In less than a week, they rented a 20-foot truck (after receiving too much bedding, tents, clothing, medicine etc. than could fit into a smaller truck) and drove it to Indianapolis.  There, a fellow graduate of The Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School https://www.zamorano.edu/en/ received supplies from various alumni to be consolidated in a shipping container to provide relief to the country where the university is located. They were aided in collecting by fellow alums Amílcar Vargas, Louceline Fleuridor, Luis Huezo Sanchez, as well as by Alejandra Jimenez, Alexander Tebbe, Melissa Rodriguez, all of OSU Wooster.  Jose Vazquez Valdez, an employee at Schaeffler, the auto parts manufacturer in Wooster, and The Vault, a nearby nightclub supportive of Latin American music that has itself experienced flooding, also helped in collecting.