1. Zamorano students partner with K-12 schools in Honduras to teach agriculture

    CFAES Partnership Brings 4-H to Honduras

    Feb 15, 2021

    Students all over the world are adapting to new and different modes of learning due to the current pandemic, and K-12 students in Honduras are no different.

    Thanks to a partnership between 4-H programs at Ohio State, the University of Georgia and Zamorano University in Honduras, 4-H clubs are being established at schools in Honduras.

  2. Dr. Greene with students at HTH project (above), and with OSU delegation at Zamorano (below). Instructor Jaelene Loor Suche.

    Undaunted by Pandemic, Honduras-focused Sustainable Community Development Course Continues

    Jan 29, 2021

    Jaelene Loor Suche of Ecuador first came to Honduras to study at Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School.  She then came to OSU to do the internship required of Zamorano undergraduates.  She now has “returned” to both institutions, but virtually. Communities flourish when NGOs work on a development/empowerment model, not a relief/provisional one.

  3. OSU Wooster students and scholars load supplies bound for Honduras

    OSU Wooster Grad Students, Visiting Scholars lead Honduras Hurricane Relief Drive

    Nov 24, 2020

    With Hurricanes Eta and Iota having hit Honduras fewer than two weeks apart and flooding to this day, two members of the Entomology Department at OSU Wooster, graduate student Ana Trabanino Pino and visiting scholar Erick Martinez Rodriguez put out a call for donations.  In less than a week, they rented a 20-foot truck (after receiving too much bedding, tents, clothing, medicine etc.